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Probiotics for optimal health and wellbeing

Meaning ‘for life,’ probiotics are the natural and friendly bacteria which may provide an abundance of health benefits. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live inside the digestive tract. These living micro-organisms help to balance the intestinal microflora, which helps support the gastrointestinal system. With the ability to be taken at all life stages, probiotics help to promote bacterial diversity to help support immune, digestive and bowel health.

The human microbiome

The human microbiome consists of trillions of healthy and beneficial live bacteria and their genes that are found on and in the human body.

Scientific research has only recently begun to discover the complexity of the microbiome, and how it impacts on our health and wellbeing. At Life-Space, we specialise in understanding this unfolding study.

Probiotics are different from vitamins

Vitamins help to support increased nutritional requirements throughout the stages of adult life.

Probiotics help the digestive system absorb these vital nutrients. Probiotics and vitamins are complimentary to each other.